Friday, November 18, 2016

Have to decide...

Well a recent article by David Roche has got me thinking especially as my will and work have sent me into a bit of a spiral of not getting in enough miles to even run a 5k.

This as you can imagine is more than a little humbling.  I know I am not a spring chicken (apparent by the fact I even use that saying), but now we are just talking will power.  Something I have been dreadfully lacking (see last couple of races for examples.)  

I have decided I need to push harder at work and at play.  I can't let the family down either so this has to be a balance.  I feel like I work best when I have a plan.  Right now it is to stay fit, not gain too much weight over the holiday (failing).  I have put in for two lotteries at the moment, Western States and Hardrock I have somewhere between a slim and none chance to get in, but I don't want to make plans without knowing.  

Getting into either of those would need to be a complete game change (but shouldn't I be treating anything like that?)  My family would hate me, because now the chances of getting into them are getting slimmer and slimmer so I don't know how many times I would have a chance to do them.

I am thinking if I don't get into either that I will sign up for the Bear again.  I was thinking that I would do Pine to Palm, but that isn't a HR qualifier anymore.  And while I know that HR is over my paygrade, I feel like I want to try it so I will keep my qualifiers current.

So what is the meaning of all of this.  I am just sad and slow but I need to be ok and not ok with that all at the same time.  

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