Monday, November 21, 2016

Beer Mile Practice Run

To put it out there - my best unofficial Beer Mile time is 8:28 (John and I did a practice run a year ago) Beer Mile Practice Run @ Leigh HS.  I am pretty pleased with this actually!

This weekend John and I did a quick run in front of his house marking off about a quarter mile or so.  It didn't go so well for me, my time was about 12 minutes and something.  When I was running I was running fairly fast though so that is my only hope.  My chugging skills are what held me back.  I can only hope that for some reason or another I had a problem with the 3rd and 4th beer that caused me to slow down.  I think I am going to try Bud Light Platinum for my official run, it is slightly higher ABV at 5.9% but I think it is a bit less foamy.

This week we have the real SV Beer Mile at a "secret location and time".  I will put out an update with my official time.  I won't be burning down any records my only hope is to post a good time that I can feel proud of.  I know John will podium, and I should pull out first in the "kilted" division :)

Impromptu beer mile training with Jeff and John.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Have to decide...

Well a recent article by David Roche has got me thinking especially as my will and work have sent me into a bit of a spiral of not getting in enough miles to even run a 5k.

This as you can imagine is more than a little humbling.  I know I am not a spring chicken (apparent by the fact I even use that saying), but now we are just talking will power.  Something I have been dreadfully lacking (see last couple of races for examples.)  

I have decided I need to push harder at work and at play.  I can't let the family down either so this has to be a balance.  I feel like I work best when I have a plan.  Right now it is to stay fit, not gain too much weight over the holiday (failing).  I have put in for two lotteries at the moment, Western States and Hardrock I have somewhere between a slim and none chance to get in, but I don't want to make plans without knowing.  

Getting into either of those would need to be a complete game change (but shouldn't I be treating anything like that?)  My family would hate me, because now the chances of getting into them are getting slimmer and slimmer so I don't know how many times I would have a chance to do them.

I am thinking if I don't get into either that I will sign up for the Bear again.  I was thinking that I would do Pine to Palm, but that isn't a HR qualifier anymore.  And while I know that HR is over my paygrade, I feel like I want to try it so I will keep my qualifiers current.

So what is the meaning of all of this.  I am just sad and slow but I need to be ok and not ok with that all at the same time.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rio Del Lago 2016 Edition

Well Hell!  I can't seem to keep up with anything lately.

I thought I would / should start keeping this maybe a bit more up to date if for no other reason than to keep me sane?

So after my failure at Run Rabbit Run because my lack of willpower!  I could have and should have finished that.  The more I think about it the more I realize I should have finished.

Rio Del Lago 2016 Edition

My training going into this had been lackluster at best, I think the highest milage I got in between RRR and RDL was 26 mile week?  I would have to go look it up.  This new job blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse...  I have excuses but they all mean nothing (David and Megan Roche on Time Management.  If I really want to make this a hobby worth pursuing then I need to put in the time my friends (John's Blog for example) do!

So a few weeks before race day I notice that Amy is looking for pacers I thought her hubby would pace her, but with their son maybe they couldn't get time away.  After she found a few volunteers, she messaged me and said John was all mine.  I had already turned down David to pace me because I didn't want to waste anybody's time.

I told John thanks and I would take his help but I turned very schizophrenic about this as the race day got closer and my training waned.  I told him about 2 weeks before not to bother it would be a waste of his time.  He said he was going to go and he would have his running shoes if I needed...

This is a fairly flat not super technical course.

Let's fast forward to race morning - I am actually feeling ok I knew this was going to just be a slow sufferfest, so I was resigned to that.

The start of RDL is 18 / 19 miles of flatish bike trail.  I went slow and tried to stay slow.  I did finish that section a bit faster than I should have in retrospect and that might have been my downfall.  I hadn't been training with any longer runs and my body was going to rebel.

I go through Beal's point (the start / finish) and head out to finally hit some trails, fireroad at first then some single track and the dreaded "meat grinder".  I was still feeling ok, but something was off.  At about mile 30+ I text John and tell him I need him.  He said ok of course!  I will get back to him later, but let me just give you the short version - without him I would never have finished, period and end of story!

Went through the meat grinder and some other parts - got scared to death by a photographer.

At about mile 40 with about 5 more miles to get to Overlook and see John I tell him I am quitting and that I just want a beer.

I also hear from my sister and tell her the same thing.  She said to wait and just give it to the next aid station - in my mind I said no :)

I am tired and I haven't pee'd in the past 40 miles while taking in a lot of fluid and some salt.  I think my body just didn't know what was going on since I have been a lazy f#$.

Of course I am f'ing tired but the pee'ing problem was going to be bad later.

Long story long I get to the next mini aid station before a 2 mile climb (easy climb though).  I am still pissed off tired and not feeling great.

I get into Overlook and I don't see John, the aid station worker gets my drop bag with head lamp and heavier jacket.  I get some food and start packing my stuff as an automatic response.  I finally try to look for john then pull out my phone and text him.

We finally find each other and then I start heading out.  He asked me if I was serious about the beer and I told him yes so he runs back and gets it when I start telling him my woes before it dawns on me I didn't quit and we made it out of the aid station.

He won't let me drink the whole beer, I am sad and still not pee'ing.  I was moving ok up to No Hands Bridge, this is when John said something flipped I stopped moving as well (could have been the big f'ing hill that we had to climb out :) )

We travel along and at one point I stop to try and pee and my right calf cramps up so bad it is a knot, John tries to massage it out and move my foot!  I was yelling so bad that someone came back to see if John was trying to kill me :) (I think he was).  From this point on I am moving slower and slower (20+ minute miles), I am not going to finish :(  I am getting a bit dizzy on the trail and John is keeping me on the trail.  People are passing me left and right.  One happens to be a DR, so John does a quick consult around my headache, lack of urination, cramping, and dizziness.  To me I am finished at the next aid station.  Especially since it is 8+ miles to the next aid station after this.

We finally get into that aid station, John talks to the medic, I don't remember much, just eating a lot of broth and grilled cheese.  I took some of Melanie's pain medication that I had with me, since the medic said it couldn't hurt.  We just left the aid station.  All this time I feel extremely bad for John since this isn't a pacer duty he is used to, he is very fast and his friends are very fast.  :(

After about 5 to 10 minutes out of that aid station, I started running (that might be a bit much but to me I felt like I was flying).  I was actually moving through the course and we made up a lot of time over the next 3 or 4 hours.

It all came crashing down around Overlook, I was still moving but pain medication was wearing off.  I continued to move ok and we were able to get through the last few aid stations.  John kept me moving I passed someone twice my age I think as my last big push ;)

Above is the race analysis you can kind of see what I had described.  

I finished.  I was happy and sad but this was the race I deserved.  Actually a lot more than I deserved.  I wouldn't have finished if John wasn't taking care of me for over half that race! 

Amy got third place woman!  And finished 6+ hours ahead of me :)  She is amazing, this is coming off of a long term injury!  She is awesome!

I now have my Western States Qualifier.  3 years now so that should be 15% chance or so maybe a little lower.  

That is it, just a free flow of words, I am not going to go back to edit grammar and make it more interesting.

*Addition - I can't stress enough how helpful John was - especially when I remember that I had originally waved him off pacing me.  I know he had his shoes in his car, but I don't think he was completely ready to pull an all nighter with me.

This was to qualify for WS100, but now I feel I have to go back and do it again because I know if I actually train for this I can do it sub-24 I have to believe that.