Monday, November 21, 2016

Beer Mile Practice Run

To put it out there - my best unofficial Beer Mile time is 8:28 (John and I did a practice run a year ago) Beer Mile Practice Run @ Leigh HS.  I am pretty pleased with this actually!

This weekend John and I did a quick run in front of his house marking off about a quarter mile or so.  It didn't go so well for me, my time was about 12 minutes and something.  When I was running I was running fairly fast though so that is my only hope.  My chugging skills are what held me back.  I can only hope that for some reason or another I had a problem with the 3rd and 4th beer that caused me to slow down.  I think I am going to try Bud Light Platinum for my official run, it is slightly higher ABV at 5.9% but I think it is a bit less foamy.

This week we have the real SV Beer Mile at a "secret location and time".  I will put out an update with my official time.  I won't be burning down any records my only hope is to post a good time that I can feel proud of.  I know John will podium, and I should pull out first in the "kilted" division :)

Impromptu beer mile training with Jeff and John.

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