Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why I hate Jeff Cannata

Warning - This is not running related at all...

About a couple of years ago I started listening to podcasts.  I happened upon the /filmcast a very fun movie review site.  Great to listen to on runs (see sort of running related).  It is hosted by David Chen and Devindra Hardawar.  They added Jeff Cannata to the regular hosting duties after being a frequent guest, here is where it all went downhill.

He has this thing about not watching movie trailers and going into movies with as little information as possible.  At first when I heard this I thought he was crazy!  I am generally out of my small group of friends one of the first to watch and see trailers and movie news.  Especially with the comic book, sci-fi / fantasy and action movies.  I can't get enough of the information before they release.

So what does this have to do with me hating Jeff.  Well after I watched the first real trailer to drop for the Avengers: Age of Ultron, I was a bit upset at how much they gave away.   That was my last trailer.  Now whenever they come on - I mute the TV or fast forward.  If Melanie or I go to the movies, I have her text me once the trailers are over.  I am becoming a pariah within my family :)

I will say though I am enjoying movies a lot more, I went to see the new Mission Impossible, and knew nothing about it.  It was a lot more enjoyable!  Also the new Ant-Man, they have been great I didn't even know who was just playing Hank Pym was until just a bit before the movie.  I can't wait for the new Star Wars and that has been soooooo hard to stay away from news and trailers - even walking the aisles at target I know about the bad guy :)

So in conclusion, listen to the /filmcast it is very enjoyable - try not to watch trailers, at least for me, it makes the movies quite a bit more fun.  It is hard and will make you a bit of an outcast but so far it is worth it.  You can just blame Jeff Cannata.


  1. the star wars trailers aren't giving away anything. can't wait.

    1. That is good to hear, I thought I saw a glimpse though and saw that there is a new bad guy (of course), and he looked pretty neat. I haven't seen a full view of him, he also seemed to have some sort of cool lightsaber. Either way I am looking forward to it for sure!